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Featuring panels, fireside chats, keynote interviews and presentations, the Tech Monitor Public Sector Technology Symposium 2021 will bring together digital, data, technology and IT leaders from across the UK public sector to share presentations, ideas, innovations and initiatives about public sector digital transformation.

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Tech Monitor Public Sector Technology Symposium 2021

The Tech Monitor Public Sector Technology Symposium 2021 is part of an exclusive event series that will bring together public sector IT professionals to discuss digital transformation themes across central government, local administration and healthcare bodies in the UK.   

Key topics

  • How is the new Central Digital and Data Office progressing? 
  • What technologies are driving public sector transformation, and form the next wave of IT innovation? 
  • How are NHS and healthcare organisations using technology to improve services and patient outcomes? 
  • How are public sector IT chiefs on limited budgets tackling the growing cyber threat? 
  • How are local government institutions and the largest Whitehall departments innovating with AI and automation, and putting data at their heart of their digital transformation agendas?  


Government departments and agencies are under increasing pressure to transform legacy IT estates and deliver improved digital services for citizens and patients - all within a robust and secure framework while utilising the latest in tech innovations. This forum will bring together digital, data, technology and IT leaders from across the UK public sector to share presentations, ideas, innovations and initiatives about public sector digital transformation.  

Speakers Include

This event is free to attend 


09:00  09:05am

Welcome from Tech Monitor  

09:30  10:20am  

Panel discussion: Putting AI and automation at the heart public sector digital transformation  

Artificial intelligence and automation technologies have truly reached enterprise maturity. At least according to the Technology Leaders Agenda 2021 report, which showed CIOs across sectors were investing in AI and automation technologies to transform processes and how they deliver for colleagues, customers and citizens. We will hear how these technologies are being utilised in government - from NHS providers to Whitehall departments - to save costs and provide betters services for the public.  

09:05 – 09:30am  

Interview: The first year of the Central Digital and Data Office  

In lieu of hiring a UK government Chief Digital Information Officer, the Cabinet Office set up the new Central Digital and Data Office in February 2021. Led by Chair Paul Willmott and Executive Director Joanna Davinson, the Tech Monitor Public Sector Technology Symposium 2021 will seek to hear what the new body has achieved in its first year, and the strategy for digital transformation in the public sector.  

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25 November  2021 | 9:00 - 15:40 BST

Why attend?

This free-to-attend event is a unique opportunity for public sector IT professionals to come together and put their collective expertise behind addressing some of the immediate challenges.  

Virtual Conference

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10:20  11:10am

Panel discussion: Hyperscale government – Utilising cloud to transform public sector IT

Cloud technologies have underpinned the new tech stack platforms for government and businesses large and small. It has enabled to public sector organisations to deliver new digital services at scale, but organisations are still facing the challenges of migrating away from ageing platforms and creaking legacy estates. We will hear from public sector technology leaders and hyperscale innovators about the opportunities provided by hyperscale computing, and the corresponding benefits in agility, improving customer experience and being on the innovation cycle of tech pioneers that cloud computing has enabled.  


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11:10  12:00pm  

Panel discussion: Defending the Crown Jewels - Developing robust cyber defences for UK institutions

The evolving cyber threat is one of the greatest concerns for CIOs and business leaders. From ransomware attacks targeting the NHS to state-sponsored campaigns threatening critical national infrastructure and data security in key government institutions. We will hear from CISOs and security experts about the threat profile targeting UK bodies, and how government is working with the security industry and partners in the private sector to take a holistic approach to cyber security in the UK.  

12:00 – 12:30pm  

Interview: Q&A with Central Government CDIO or outsourcing partner executive

Keynote discussion with technology, digital and IT leader at one of the big central government departments, focusing on the opportunities and challenges of digital transformation in government, and the innovations and initiatives taking place across Whitehall.  


12:30 – 1:20pm  

Panel discussion: Local government digital transformation in 2022 and beyond

Cash-strapped local councils are under increasing pressure to deliver slick digital services for citizens, whose expectations have been raised by the digital natives and disruptors like Amazon and Uber. We will here from technology leaders and chief digital officers working in local government across the UK, many delivering services for hundreds of thousands of citizens, to discuss the tech transformation initiatives, digital services and tech partnerships which are transforming how local services are delivered to businesses and citizens.

1:20 2:10pm  

Panel discussion: Digitising healthcare and the next wave of transformation

NHS trusts across the UK have been praised for their reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK, with IT teams playing their role in the biggest crisis response since 1945. We will hear from CIOs and IT leaders working across healthcare, from NHS X and NHS Digital to local NHS Trusts, what the next phase of technology transformation in healthcare is? What are the digital innovations and tech transformation initiatives required for healthcare agencies to improve patient services?   

2:10  3:00pm

Panel discussion: TBC

3:00 – 3:30pm

Interview: 10 Years of the Government Digital Service  

Founded on 8 December 2011, 2021 will mark 10 years of the UK's Government Digital Service. We will hear from the current leadership from the Government Digital Service, also a founding member, about what the body has achieved in its first 10 years, and what the current leadership's ambitions are to develop Government-as-a-Platform initiatives, and to facilitate digital transformation across the wider public sector.  

3:30 - 3:40pm

Closing remarks


Raj Sharma

Founder, CyberPulse Ltd and Course Director of Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security, Oxford University

Speaker Bio

Matthew Northedge

Global Head of Cyber


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