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Featuring panels, fireside chats, keynote interviews and presentations, the Tech Monitor Cybersecurity Symposium 2021 will hear from industry leaders and cyber innovators, and help delegates shape their information security strategies for 2022 and beyond. 

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Tech Monitor 

Cybersecurity Symposium 2021  

The Tech Monitor Cybersecurity Symposium 2021 is part of an exclusive event series that will convene cyber security, digital and IT leaders to discuss threats, opportunities, policy matters and changes in the cyber landscape affecting business leadership.   

Key topics

  • How are organisations approaching Zero Trust
  • Is artificial intelligence cyber security's friend or foe?
  • What are the capabilities and competencies of the modern CISO, and how do they discuss cyber at board level?  
  • How does the government work with industry to help build a resilient and prosperous digital UK? 
  • How can organisations large and, increasingly, small mitigate ransomware attacks? 


Cited by respondents to Tech Monitor's Technology Leaders Agenda 2021 as the biggest IT risk to their organizations, navigating the cyber threat is a perennial concern for business leaders - who have never worked closer with information security experts to tackle the ever-changing threat profile. The Tech Monitor Cybersecurity Symposium 2021 will bring together the full spectrum of interested parties to discuss some of the biggest challenges in the sector.  

Speakers Include

This event is free to attend 


09:00  09:05am

Welcome from Tech Monitor  

Edward Qualtrough, Special Projects Editor, Tech Monitor  

09:30  10:20am  

Panel: Staying Ahead of the Hackers - Mitigatingthe Threat of Ransomware

Karl Hoods, Chief Digital and Information Officer, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Board Member, Harris Federation

Ransomware threats have impacted some of the largest organisations in the world, while a more recent trend has been the proverbial low-hanging fruit of lesser-equipped non-profits in the UK. What are some of the most sophisticated attacks organisations have had to grapple with during the pandemicWhat strategies, tools and technologies do leading CISO’s favour when guarding against the threat of ransomware? What defence techniques are emerging as best bets to combat the rise in diversified attacksIs a mixture of in-house and outsourced security services required? How are forward-thinking organisations building non-fragile infrastructure to supplement their strategy  

09:05 – 09:30am  

Keynote interview with Chair of UK Cyber Security Council

Dr Claudia Natanson, Chair, UK Cyber Security Council and Head of Information Security, Accuweather

What are the next steps for UK cyber security strategy, and how has the Covid-19 pandemic provided an opportunity for cyber criminals? An opening keynote interview with Dr Claudia Natanson, Head of Information Security at Accuweather and Chair of the UK Cyber Security Council, will examine the UK and global cyber landscape, including opportunities and pitfalls in government policy, CISO leadership and international collaboration in tackling the international cyber challenges.  

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9 September  2021 | 9:00 - 15:40 BST

Why attend?

This free-to-attend event is a unique opportunity for cyber, business and IT professionals to come together and put their collective expertise behind addressing some of these immediate challenges.  

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10:20  11:10am

Panel discussion: Making Zero Trust a Reality

Sam Ainscow, Group Chief Information Security Officer, Hill & Smith Holdings Plc
Joyce Rodriguez, Head of Cyber Threat Protection, Shell
Dominic Grunden, CISO, Wave Money

The Zero Trust concept is centred on the belief organisations should not verify everything trying to connect to its systems from both outside and inside its perimeters before granting access. How are Zero Trust approaches helping mitigate data breachesHow do Zero Trust models differ from the castle-and-moat mentality? How do organisations implement a zero-trust framework into their operations? What are the challenges involved? Are the technologies to support Zero Trust architecture mature enough to make adoption seamless


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11:10  12:00pm  

Panel discussionHow to Leverage AI in your Cybersecurity Strategy

Dr Raj Sharma, Course Director of Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security, Oxford University and Founder, CyberPulse
Jessica Figueras, Vice Chair, UK Cyber Security Council

AI has been touted by the security industry as one of the key defences against cyber threats, but is also being weaponised as evolutionary, algorithm-driven programs critically ‘thinking’ about how to attack – and how to avoid being detected. How is AI unlocking new insights in cybersecurity and in what ways can deep learning be adopted to meet the rapidly changing threat posed by hackers? How can organisations embed predictive analysis into their cyber-security strategy to detect variations in known malware code? How ripe is this space for growth? How do we ensure the benefits of using AI outweigh the drawbacks?  

12:00 – 12:30pm  

Interview: Keynote Q&A with senior cybersecurity executive


12:30 – 1:20pm  

Panel discussion: Nullifying Human Error - How are Security and Infosec Tools Alleviating Responsibility from the End User?

There has been some pushback in cyber security circles in recent months against the sentiment that “the end-users are always the weakest link”. A new line of thinking seeks to end the quasi-victim blaming and put the onus on security professionals and infosec tools. What are the latest and most effective technologies being deployed? How do Infosec tools empower employees to become a resilient first line of defence? How can organisations leverage innovative technologies alongside awareness training to ensure users stay secure? 

1:20 2:10pm  

Panel discussionProtecting Against the Risk: Cybersecurity and the Role of the Re/insurance Industry

Matt Northedge, Global Head of Cyber & Technology, Canopius Group  

Are CISO’s able to buy the cyber coverage they need to meet the threat posed by hackers? Are existing cyber insurance products fit for purpose? How can insurers work more collaboratively with the tech industry to mitigate the impact of cyber-attacks? How underwriters can better assess cyber exposures; what do they need to know, to effectively de-risk portfolios? Could a tech enabled methodology in cyber trigger a change in underwriting philosophy in the wider insurance market? How are CISO’s differentiating themselves on cyber insurance?  

2:10  3:00pm

Panel discussion: TBC

3:00 – 3:30pm

Interview: Building a resilient and prosperous digital UK

A 1-2-1 interview with a senior member of one the UK's cyber defence agencies, addressing how the UK government and its partners are working with industry to help protect critical national infrastructure, as well as organisations and bodies of all sizes from schools and research institutions to power facilities and the Home Office.

3:30 - 3:40pm

Closing remarks

Edward Qualtrough, Special Projects Editor, Tech Monitor  


Raj Sharma

Founder, CyberPulse Ltd 

Course Director of Artificial Intelligence for Cyber Security, Oxford University

Matthew Northedge

Global Head of Cyber


Karl Hoods 

Chief Digital and Information Officer

 Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and Board Member, Harris Federation

Sam Ainscow

Group Chief Information Security Officer

 Hill & Smith Holdings Plc

Claudia Glover


 Tech Monitor

Pete Swabey


 Tech Monitor

Edward Qualtrough

Special Projects Editor

 Tech Monitor

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Chair, UK Cyber Security Council 

Head of Information Security, Accuweather

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Vice Chair 

UK Cyber Security Council