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The Future of Climate Finance 

Join the New Statesman, Capital Monitor and Energy Monitor on Tuesday, 23rd November 2021 for an exclusive virtual event that will address the escalating mobilisation of finance in favour of sustainable global development.

Agenda Snapshot:

- Exclusive interview with abdrn on what climate finance means for investors
- View from the top: Assessing the landscape of climate finance
- Clean Energy Finance: Powering change
- Lunchtime leadership keynote: The politics of climate change
- Capital Monitor latest on CEO compensation  
- Asset owner perspective: How are innovative pensions funds supporting climate change whilst maximizing investment returns?
- Asset owner perspective: Incorporating climate risk in re/insurance investment portfolios
- Sustainable investing: How to avoid greenwashing?
- Exclusive economics interview with the UK Treasury on biodiversity


The Future of Climate Finance is an exclusive virtual event that will address the escalating mobilisation of finance in favour of sustainable global development. 

High-level representatives from the global finance and investment industry, along with senior business leaders, policymakers, regulators and energy companies, will distil the most innovative initiatives aimed at accelerating the financing of climate action. 

A significant number of banks, insurers and investors have implemented strategies to decarbonise portfolios, invest in renewable energies and pioneer new green financing solutions. But what does this mean in practice? 

How are financial institutions now – by adopting climate-related strategies and setting climate-related targets – unlocking a virtuous cycle of climate action that will enlist all other stakeholders and ultimately move the needle? 

As the world continues to deal with the social, political and economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the event will also underscore the dynamics of global politics and address how governments can make climate action and policy a national priority.  

Drawing on the editorial expertise and global reach of the New StatesmanCapital Monitor and Energy MonitorThe Future of Climate Finance is unique opportunity for leaders of finance and policy to come together and put their collective expertise behind addressing the challenges that will shape the future of climate finance. 

Speakers Include

This event is free to attend


2:00pm - 2:30pm

The Role of Biotech in the Coronavirus Recovery

George Freeman, Former Minister for Life Sciences

As we look towards life after the pandemic, can investing in biotechnology boost our overall economic recovery? A keynote interview and live Q&A.  

3:15pm -4:00pm

The Future of Medical Biotechnology 

Professor Richard Kitney, Co-Director of the EPSRC National Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation, Imperial College London

Andy Topping, Chief Scientific Officer, Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies  

Biotech plays an increasingly important role in medical treatment, from innovating gene therapy to treat metabolic diseases, to creating new vaccines. What is the future role of biotech in medicine? A panel discussion and live Q&A.  

2:30pm - 3:15pm

Using Biotechnology to Transition to Net Zero

Dr Martin Hayes, Biotechnology Lead, Johnson Matthey

Ellen Simmons, Senior Biomedical Engineer, Cambridge Consultants

Professor Nigel Scrutton, University of Manchester      

UK industry is directly responsible for a quarter of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. But agricultural biotech could help reduce emissions and increase food security for a growing population, by creating products and processes based on renewables. How can we use biotechnology to take the UK towards net zero carbon? And can biotech be used to create a circular economy? A panel discussion and live Q&A.  

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23 November 2021 | 10:30-16:00 (GMT)

Why attend?

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4:00pm -4:45pm

Is Biotechnology the Next Step in Manufacturing? 

Professor Lionel Clarke, Chair of the UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council

Conor McKechnie, Vice President of Marketing, Cytivia  

As development into human health products like vaccines and antibody tests surged during the pandemic, biotech was central to manufacturing. As we consider the post pandemic recovery, what will biotech manufacturing look like and will it broaden its scope into other sectors? A panel discussion and live Q&A. 

4:45pm -5:30pm

Biotech Innovation and Investment

Senior representative, Gilead  

Professor Joyce Tait, Director, Innogen Centre, University of Edinburgh

Chi Onwurah MP, Shadow Minister for Science, Research and Digital

Rapid innovation has been key in the Covid-19 response, with biotechnology having a key role to play in conducting research and development. How can the private and public sector collaborate to continue the upwards trend of investment and innovation in biotech? A panel discussion and live Q&A. 

Professor Nigel Scrutton


EPSRC Future Biomanufacturing Research Hub

Speaker Bio

Professor Richard Kitney OBE

Co-Director of the EPSRC National Centre for Synthetic Biology and Innovation

 Imperial College London

Speaker Bio

Professor Lionel Clarke

 Chair of the UK Synthetic Biology Leadership Council

Speaker Bio

Professor Joyce Tait

 Founding Director of the Innogen Institute

University of Edinburgh

Speaker Bio

Conor McKechnie

Vice President Marketing


Speaker Bio

Dr Martin Hayes

 Biotechnology Lead

Johnson Matthey

Speaker Bio

Ellen M. M. Simmons

Senior Biomedical  Engineer

Cambridge Consultants

Speaker Bio

Chi Onwurah MP

Shadow Minister for Science, Research and Digital

Speaker Bio

George Freeman

Former Minister for Life Sciences

Speaker Bio

Andy Topping

Chief Scientific Officer 

Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies  

Speaker Bio



23 November 2021

Day 1:


Attendee Information

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For general enquiries about the event, contact    Sensin Genc: sensin.genc@ns-mediagroup.com

For sponsorship enquiries about the event, contact
Benjamin Bracken: Benjamin.Bracken@ns-mediagroup.com
Kalpesh Vadher: kalpesh.vadher@newstatesman.co.uk

Speakers Include

Maria Nazarova-Doyle

Head of Pension Investments

Scottish Widows

Eric Usher

Head, UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative

Leonie Schreve

Global Head Sustainable Finance 


Lead Sponsor:

We are proud to be supported by great organisations. If you would like to sponsor an event please get in touch with us.

Company Profile

Associate Sponsor:

Adam Matthews

Chief Responsible Investment Officer

 Church of England Pensions Board

Speaker Bio

Michael Marshall

Head of Sustainable Ownership

RPMI Railpen

Sarah Wilson

Managing Director, Head of ESG Integration, Responsible Investing


José Luis Jiménez Guajardo-Fajardo

Chief Investment Officer


Marcus Björksten

Portfolio Manager

 Fondita Fund Management Company

This is a CPD certified event, allowing you to earn up to 6 CPD points for each of the two days. CPD is the holistic commitment of professionals towards enhancement of personal skills and proficiency throughout their careers.

Simon Clarke


Herbert Smith Freehills


Welcome from New Statesman Media Group

Daniel Flatt, Editor-in-Chief, Capital Monitor  

10:35 - 11:00am

1-2-1 Interview:

Sir Douglas FlintChairman, abrdn  

Interviewed by Daniel Flatt, Editor-in-Chief, Capital Monitor 

11:00 - 11:40am

Panel discussion: View from the Top: Assessing the Landscape of Climate Finance

What are the most significant systemic climate risks posed to the financial system and how can these be mitigated effectively? How do investors and financiers ensure that long-term capital is committed to addressing climate-related risk? How do we prevent investments flowing into industries that contribute to climate change? What and where exactly is the financing gap for climate change? What are the barriers to financing climate risk and how do we break through them?  

Marcus Björksten, Portfolio Manager, Fondita Fund Management Company

Eric Usher, Head, UN Environment Programme Finance Initiative 

Stephanie Pfeifer, CEO, Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change

Moderated by Joe Marsh, Managing Editor, Capital Monitor

11:40am - 12:20pm

Panel discussion: Clean Energy Finance: Powering change

Tackling climate change hinges on the energy sector’s capacity to support the rapidly increasing demands for electricity while funding the smart infrastructure required to secure alternative sources of energy away from fossil fuels. Is the private sector mobilising enough capital to achieve this? What is the bankability of new clean energy projects and how are financial institutions rising to the challenge? What factors must be considered when funding the clean energy transition? Are banks doing enough to keep up with net zero ambitions, or, as some claim, paying lip service to it? And are existing financial tools, such as bonds and loans, fit for purpose or are new ways of financing/collaboration also required?  

David McNeilHead of Climate Risk, Fitch Ratings

Adrienne Horel-Pagès, Chief Sustainability Officer, La Banque Postale

Romain TalagrandHead of Renewable Energy CIB, BNP Paribas

Moderated by Virginia Furness, Banking Editor, Capital Monitor

12:45 - 1:00pm

Capital Monitor Economic View: CEO Compensation report findings

Christopher Papadopoullos, Economics Editor at Capital Monitor, will discuss the most important – and surprising – findings from our latest CEO compensation research, and examine how CEO bonuses will influence climate financing in the longer term

2:10 - 2:40pm

Fireside Chat: Asset Owner Perspective: Incorporating climate risk in re/insurance investment portfolios

How are re/insurers integrating climate-related risk into investments decisions to lower the global greenhouse gas emissions profile of their portfolios? To what extent can weighting investments towards companies that score highly on ESG principles deliver both superior risk-adjusted returns for customers as well as more sustainable outcomes? How are insurers seeking to future-proof their investment portfolios? How can re/insurers with engage with portfolio companies to steer them towards low-carbon business models and practices? How is the industry matching capital to risk to help businesses, institutions, and governments cope with increasing financial exposures from weather and climate volatility?  

José Luis Jiménez Guajardo-Fajardo, Chief Investment Officer, MAPFRE

Interviewed by Joe Marsh, Managing Editor, Capital Monitor

2:40 – 3:30pm

Panel discussion: Sustainable Investing: How to avoid greenwashing?

Has the challenge of identifying greenwashing become harder as ESG concerns become mainstream? How has this shift impacted investment decisions and portfolio allocation? Has the explosion in the number of investment products labelled sustainable made it harder for investors to identify greenwashing? Who is to blame? The companies that falsely label themselves as green or the ESG asset managers who fail to filter out greenwashed funds?   

Sarah Wilson, Managing Director, Head of ESG Integration, Responsible Investing, Nuveen

Leonie Schreve, Global Head Sustainable Finance, ING

Simon Clarke, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills

Amanda Young, Global Head of Responsible Investment, abrdn

Moderated by Wolfgang Kuhn, Independent Consultant on Responsible Investment Strategy, former Director of Financial Sector Strategy


Closing remarks from New Statesman Media Group 

1:30 - 2:10pm

Panel discussion: Asset Owner Perspective: How are innovative pensions funds supporting climate change whilst maximizing investment returns? 

How are pension funds contributing to setting climate targets? How are pension funds reconstructing their portfolios to support climate while delivering consistent investment returns? What can funds do to ensure they do not become victim to climate hype and overpay when deploying capital to green investments? How can funds take hands on approach to managing emissions in their portfolios by analysing and valuing investments they expect to hold for the medium to long term?  What strategies are being adopted to identify companies that generate most of their revenue from climate solutions?  

Maria Nazarova-Doyle, Head of Pension Investments, Scottish Widows

Adam Matthews, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Church of England Pensions Board

Michael Marshall, Head of Sustainable Ownership, RPMI Railpen

Moderated by Vibeka Mair, Asset Management Editor, Capital Monitor

Sir Douglas Flint



Amanda Young

Global Head of Responsible Investment


Daniel Flatt


Capital Monitor

Stephanie Pfeifer


Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change

12:20 - 12:45pm

Lunchtime keynote: Taking a Lead: The Politics and Leadership of Climate Change

How are the dynamics of international leadership on climate change evolving? Where will leadership of the international climate change agenda come from? What new alliances are needed? How will governments be held accountable for meeting their climate change targets? Where are the new centres of power? Is public awareness of climate change shifting and does politics have to evolve to keep up? How can the gap be bridged between policymakers and finance practitioners investing in green finance?  

Liam Byrne MPChair of the Parliamentary network on the World Bank and IMF 

Q&A moderated by India Bourke, Online Editor and Environment Correspondent, New Statesman

1:00 - 1:30PM

Screen break 

Adrienne Horel-Pagès

Chief Sustainability Officer

La Banque Postale

Romain Talagrand

Head of Renewable Energy CIB

BNP Paribas

Virginia Furness

Banking Editor

Capital Monitor

India Bourke

Online Editor and Environment Correspondent

New Statesman

Christopher Papadopoullos

Economics Editor

Capital Monitor

Vibeka Mair

Asset Management Editor

Capital Monitor

David McNeil

Head of Climate Risk

 Fitch Ratings

Wolfgang Kuhn

Independent Consultant on Responsible Investment Strategy, former Director of Financial Sector Strategy, ShareAction

Joe Marsh

Managing Editor

Capital Monitor

Liam Byrne MP

Chair of the Parliamentary network on the World Bank and IMF